Bridge From Features To Benefits



Feature Bridge Benefit
Well-known brand Which means to you Quick, easy sale

Fast turnover

Repeat business

Good taste So you can have Satisfied customers

Repeat sales

Nationally advertised

Nationally recognized

Which leads to Increased turnover

More sales

New customers

Pre-sold customers

Restaurant exclusive or focused brand Which means to you Price flexibility

Potentially high profit

Post-off Which means to you If you keep the selling price the same, extra profit

If you offer a feature (special price), increased sales and more satisfied customers


Put It All Together


Now we’ve looked at the important parts of the Body of your presentation and the skills you need to make an effective presentation.  Let’s put it all together and review the key steps of the Body.


After you break the ice and gain the buyer’s attention, a typical presentation generally proceeds in this way:


  • Make a brief statement describing what you want to talk about.
  • Explain the features and benefits of your proposal.


Here’s a simplified example:




Sales Rep: Jan, I want to talk to you about our special promotion for Mirassou Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  To really get the benefit of this promotion, I recommend that you feature these wines during September and October.


Mirassou will be nationally advertised for two months beginning on the 1st.  This means that when your customers see the promotional material for your feature, many of them will already be pre-sold . . . which means increased sales and profits for you.


Gallo has developed these special high image, yet very understated bar and table POS lucites that hold 3×6 double sided cards that subtly tie in the graphics in the ad.  I can have your BTB and BTG feature prices printed on the cards.  And I’ll set up a small display with framed winemaker notes for both wines on the antique table near the door to the dining room that you’ve used to promote features in the past.  This will reinforce the advertising and create additional impulse sales and even greater profits.


This program will be supported by a post-off of $5 a case and a quantity discount of 10% on 6 cases.  This will give you the opportunity to offer an extremely attractive price and still make the tremendous profit shown on this profit calculator.



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